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The Rancé Spirit

For 200 years Rancé, faithful to its founder's principles, has continued FRANÇOIS' creative research into constantly high quality products, in the exclusive Rancé style, synthesis of a unique TRADITION, of a continuous INNOVATION, of the NATURALNESS of the profucts.

The Prestige of Tradition The Tradition of the Perfume Masters Creators is alive in the exclusive Rancé fragrances: the COLLECTION IMPÉRIALE proposes the prestigious perfumes created by the Founder François Rancè and his inheritors, the CLASSIC COLLECTION offers some of the modern Rancé perfumes.
Tradition & Innovation The Rancé family has always been devoted to beauty. They created beauty creams and lotions for the French aristocracy, alongside their refined perfumes. The Rancé "pommades", made from flowers from Provence and the finest skin-friendly vegetable oils, were particularly famous. These were the ancestors of the modern cosmetics Rancé offers today, which are the result of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and INNOVATION.


The Philosophy of Naturalness Use of natural ingredients is another distinctive feature of the Rancé Family, who always availed themselves of the infinite possibilities offered by Nature. Today the research confirms that Naturalness is a guarantee of superior quality.

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