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BioRancé Science - Body Treatment

The Body Beauty


For the first time ever, the most effective and safest specific active plant extracts have been combined in Bio-Sculpture with choice cosmetic ingredients, up to now used in top-range face care products, which also actively oppose the effects of stress on the body.

Tests carried out by dermatologists confirm that outstanding results are achieved.


Body Treatment

  Bio-Sculpture Anti-Cellulite
Anti-Cellulite Intensive

Bio-Sculpture Crème Raffermissante Intensive
Intensive Skin - Toning Cream

Doux Gommage Corps
Body Mild Exfoliating Cream

Phyto-Serum Buste

Bust multi-tightening serum

Bio-Sculpture Phyto-Crème Buste Fermeté
Bust Super-Firming Phyto-Cream

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