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Les Étoiles - Rose de Rose

Étoiles - Rose de Rose

The Bulgarian rose, the queen of roses, pours out its sublime, warm, musky scent. Its wafts stupefy, seduce, excite and plunge us into a vortex of sensuousness and refined pleasure, where our hearts and senses vibrate in unison. The gentle ethereal Grasse rose and warm intense Turkish rose are its splendid companions.

Roses represent both spiritual and sensual love, full of emotions and sensations. Jasmine and ylang ylang are their ladies-in-waiting, with their soft perfect perfumes. Delicate sweet Bourbon vanilla and expressive clear sandalwood bring the warmth of the Tropics.

Rose de Rose is a compelling elegant perfume. Its subtle, powerful and exciting waves of scent overlap to create sublime sensations, vibrant sensuous energy and unforgettable emotions in a crescendo towards perfection and ecstasy.
The gems have the pure colour of diamonds, the symbol of royalty.

    Details Eau de Parfum Rose de Rose:
  Head notes: Bulgarian rose, Grasse rose and Turkish rose.
  Heart notes: Grasse jasmine, ylang ylang from Malacca, and tuberose.
 Base notes: Bourbon vanilla and sandalwood.
  Olfactory Description: Flowery, powdery, enveloping and sensuous.
Rose de Rose
Eau de Parfum Trés Riche
Natural Spray

  3,4 fl.oz. - ref. 131

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