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Les Créations de Jeanne Sandra Rancé
Les Étoiles: Eaux de Parfum très riches.
Imperial Fragrances
Imperial Fragrances Vintage Eaux de Parfum,
Precious fragrances which are a first-hand account
of an age filled with delightful elegance and great creativity.
Rue Rancé
Eaux de Toilette Based on ancient recipes of some
of the most successful fragrances by Maison Rancé.
Collection Classique
Eau de Parfum: New emotions from tradition.
Perfumed Soaps
Thanks to their fine intense scents and exceptional quality, the Rancé
soaps are considered the absolute top throughout the world.
Hormovital® Rancé
Global Intensive Anti-ageing treatment
re-Compacting, Firming-up, Restoring.
BioRancé Science
Natural Cosmetic Treatments for face & body.
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