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BioRancé Science

Advanced cosmetic treatment for Face and Body

Profumi Imperiali Rance, incoronazione di Napoleone Beauty From Science
Rancé is at the cutting-edge of Cosmetic Scientific Research.
In cooperation with important international cosmetic research laboratories it has created Facteur Super-Actif de Régénération Rancé consisting of three herbal complexes with extraordinary actions:

Concentrè d'Énergisation Intra-cellulaire: a complex of energy-giving proteins and restoring ingredients which stops skin ageing, restores the skin's energy supply and strengthens its structure.

Dermo-Hydrafort HN: a complex of polysaccharides, with high moisturizing power, that bond firmly with the stratum corneum of the skin and form a "film" which breathes and retains moisture.

Renoxyl GC Extra Complex: Germanium, Coral Seaweed and Vegetable Ceramides increase skin oxygenation, provide energy with a slow release effect, and restore the skin.

Facteur super-actif de Régénération Rancé therefore has an extraordinarily effective multiple action Restoring, Moisturizing, Protective and Super-Invigorating.






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