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Jeanne Sandra Rancé

Profumi Jeanne Sandra Rance Heir to a family that has created perfumes for 400 years, Jeanne Sandra Rancé has given new life to her ancestors' perfumes by interpreting them with love and exquisite sensitivity.

Her art, which she has loved since she was a child and which she has refined through years of passionate study, appears today in some new creations that completely bear the mark of her personality.
They are the sublimation of her memories and the romantic dream of a journey through her strongest feelings.

Jeanne Sandra has chosen the purest natural essences, and has used them at their highest concentrations. The unforgettable fragrances of Oriental gardens will long accompany those who love them.

Les Étoiles:
Eaux de Parfum très riches.

Sur mon Coeur

Avant le Jour

Tubéreuse Amour

Rose de Rose

Près de Toi

Jasmin du Malabar

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