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Rue Rancé

Profumi Imperiali Rance, incoronazione di Napoleone

Eaux de Toilette

François Rancé, heir to a family of glovers and perfumers well-known since the 1600s, in 1795 decided to focus exclusively on perfume-making.

As fervent admirers of Napoleon, François and his descendants dedicated many of their creations to him and the other great figures of the era. The resounding success of those rich and harmonious scents, that were to innovate the art of perfume-making, bought fame to Maison Rancé.

As a tribute to her ancestors, Jeanne Sandra Rancé has collected a number of those creations together under the name Rue Rancé, the road in Grasse where the Rancé family lived and worked for centuries.

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Eau de Noblesse

Eau de la Couronne

Eau Sublime

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Eau Superbe

Eau du Duc de Berry

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Eau de France

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