Eau de Parfum
Hélène EdP
Floral, Fruity
Hélène was born of the joyful, pure and passionate love between Napoleon and his last lover. To Love Jean Rancé dedicated these vivacious, sincere notes of captivating exotic atmospheres.

Fruity notes and enchanting white flowers: Hélène is an invitation to an island of dream. In the head, a delicious pear goes hand-in-hand with sparkling fruity touches. The heart debuts in a delicate floral bouquet scented of rose, magnolia and white flowers. In the base, a bewitching amber unveils warm sandalwood and patchouli notes, which give Hélène a captivating allure.
Thus your soul which is set ablaze
By the burning flash of voluptuousness
Springs heavenward, fearless and swift,
Toward the boundless, enchanted skies
[C. Baudelaire]
Lemon, Currant, Pear
Peach Flowers, Magnolia, Jasmine, Neroli, Pink Pepper
Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk, Patchouli