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Body Cream
Joséphine Crème Corps Sensuelle
Oriental, Floral
The sensuous, mysterious allure of Joséphine, Napoleon's most beloved wife, is enclosed in the scent of this delicate, enswathing lotion, for fragrant silky skin

The intensity of spring flowers, the seduction of exotic notes, the penetrating harmony of fruits and woods, create a composition that is an invitation to sensuality, in an atmosphere of rich elegance. To the woman most loved by Napoleon, François Rancé dedicated this perfume. Today Joséphine is reborn in a floriental, intimate and mysterious fragrance. In the opening, the enveloping sweetness of Bulgarian rose mingles with violet in a sophisticated bouquet of fresh flowers, with accents of red currant. In the heart Vanilla flower, warm and enveloping, is mixed with opoponax and pink pepper, in a spicy and slightly earthy melange. The background of mosses, modulated like a velvet, is warmed by the woody and resinous tones of Oman incense. Joséphine: the charm of a brilliant, lively, surprising woman.
I did not spend a single day without loving you.
I have not spent a single night without holding you in my arms.
[Napoleon to Joséphine, 1799]
Hawthorn, Red Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Violet
Vanilla Flower, Pink Pepper, Opoponax
Oman Incense, Soft Musks, Amber