Perfumed Soap
Eugénie Coffret 6 Savons
Watery, Floral, Fruity
Juicy fruits enswathe you in a charming allure, enriched by the delicate fresh scents of the Perfumed Soaps, created using the Rancé artisan triple-milled process, according to the Maison’s traditional recipe.

A gorgeous floral bouquet, enriched by the sophisticated and contemporary allure of juicy fruits and marine notes. The sparkling scent of Tangerine brightens the head notes up, releasing a crispy symphony of Apple and Melon. The rich heart of Jasmine, Violet, Rose and Magnolia turns fresh and shiny thanks to Marine Notes. Amber and Vanilla add a bewitching touch to the base, giving an Oriental finish to the fragrance.
Like those deep echoes that meet from afar,
So perfumes, colours, tones answer each other
[C. Baudelaire]
Tangerine, Melon, Apple
Jasmin, Violet, Magnolia, Rose, Marine Accord
Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk