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RANCÉ 1795
RANCÉ 1795 is a Maison de Parfumeurs with a unique tradition. Raised thanks to the passion and savoir-faire of the Rancé family, today at the seventh generation, RANCÉ 1795 produce since more than 220 years fragrances of timeless excellence.
Perfume, Art, Poetry
"Il est de parfums qui chantent les transports de l’esprit et des sens" (Charles Baudelaire)
There are fragrances singing the emotions of the soul and senses.
A Universe of Emotions
Perfumes able to portray a whole universe, involving all senses and reaching the status of Works of Art: RANCÉ1795 fragrances embody aesthetics, literature, art, research. Creating a skillful balance between tradition and future, our fragrances open the heart to emotions, and the mind to fantasy.
Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Creativity
Our creations are the outcome of an exceptional creative dialogue. Words, essences, drawings, travels: in our historical Headquarters, desks become color palettes and canvases aimed at creating a “perfumer’s drawing”. Drafts and formulations go hand-in-hand with antique recipes of the Rancé family, but above it all, stands always an emotion.
Traveling across Fragrances
Our Maison only selects the rarest and most precious natural essences, as the Millésimé ones: as in wines and liquors, these are the essences harvested from the best years of production. Bulgarian Rose, Moroccan Jasmine, Oman Incense, Madagascar Vanilla: RANCÉ1795 fragrances are unique travels across a scented map!